How to Add and Configure Dropbox for Gmail Add-On

Dropbox for Gmail is a Gmail productivity add-on that allows users add their Dropbox files as Gmail attachments. The add-on allows Gmail users to share their Dropbox shared links directly from their Gmail without leaving the window. Unlike Chrome extension, this add-on works within Gmail and can be used on different platforms and browsers. Continue reading this article to learn how to add and configure Dropbox for the Gmail add-on.

  • Step 1: Log in to Gmail

Go to or and enter your login credentials to access your Gmail account.

  • Step 2: Click on the + Icon 

Search for the (+) icon on the right-hand side of the sidebar and click on it. This will allow you to add different add-ons to your Gmail account.

  • Step 3: Search for Dropbox

In the search bar, type  Dropbox, and click enter. You now will find the Dropbox for Gmail add-on. Click on it. This will open the add-on page.

  • Step 4: Click on the Install Button

Click on the blue Install button to add the add-on to your Gmail account.

  • Step 5:  Provide Permissions

Dropbox requires certain permissions to function well. Click on the Continue button to preview the kind of permissions Dropbox requires and grant them.

  • Step 6:  Click on Allow

Click on the Allow button to grant permission to Dropbox. Clicking on the Allow button installs the Dropbox add-on.

  • Step 7:  Dropbox Add-On Has Been Installed

You will notice the Dropbox logo on the right-hand side of the Gmail window. Click on the logo to start using the add-on.

We hope you found this article on Dropbox/Gmail helpful.

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