How to Create Microsoft To Do Tasks Without Leaving Inbox

Microsoft To Do is a simple task management app that is available for both personal and business users. To Do is available as a desktop/mobile app and can be accessed via browser too. The good thing is that To Do is manageable from Outlook email too. Learn how to manage your To Do tasks right in your Outlook mailbox.

  • Method 1: Log in to Your Outlook Email

As shown in the image, first click on any email. The next step is clicking on the calendar/task icon. Now click on the To-Do tab; then drag and drop the email into the task area.

  • Method 2: Flag an Email

In order to use this method, you first need to enable this setting in the To Do app. Open your mail. Then go to the Mail Settings -> Connected Apps. Now, turn on the Flagged Emails toggle.

  • Step 3: Select Text and Use the Mini Task Tool 

Another simplest method is selecting text within the email. Once you did that, a small Task took will appear around the cursor. Click on the Task tab to create a task out of that email or selected text (action item).

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