How to Notify Your Non-Working Hours Using Outlook Calendar

With millions of people working remotely or working from home because of pandemic, cloud office suites and productivity tools have become very important. Being able to communicate effectively with team members has become vital. As an employee, your working status must be known to your coworkers for better communication and collaboration. Now that means your team members should be well aware of your break time too. You can easily notify your breaks or non-working hours using Outlook Calendar. Follow these simple steps below to do that.

  • Step 1: Login to Outlook

Log in to your Outlook via browser or app.

Office 365

  • Step 2: Go to Calendar

Click on the calendar icon to open Outlook Calendar.


  • Step 3: Right Click on a Preferred Time

Right-click on the block of time where you would be on a break or will not be available.

Preferred Time

  • Step 4: Select Status As Away¬†

You may also select Busy, but the status Busy may imply that you are working and busy with some task. Away right away indicates that you are on a break. Keep in mind that Away status will be shown as an Out of Office when you do it from an Android device instead of desktop.

Status As Away

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